Monday, February 9, 2009


Is that even a word?

The experts say the first step to quitting an addiction is admitting that one is addicted.

Here goes.

I am a coffee junkie. I'm talking about the real thing, not that milk diluted stuff Starbucks peddle in their shops. There is no time of day that I do not drink it. I think I may even drink more at night. It's gotten a lot worse since I stopped smoking. Now I don't even think about cigarettes but my body just can't go a day without at least 5 mugs (yes, mugs). It's so bad that my doctor's been trying to get me to reduce intake to just a cup a day. I can't tho. It's like I can't operate without coffee. It's my premium unleaded. It's the love of my life (I know, pathetic hehe). It's the Juliet to my coffee Romeo. You get the gist.


Menard said...

Ako rin medyo ganyan na or papunta pa lang, pero mas konti mga 2~3 cups sa office. Ang masama nito pag weekend sa bahay minsan naghahanap ako ng kape kahit nescafe lang hehe. Tapos minsan, konting kaluskos lang nagugulat na ako (ang tawag namin sa reaction na ganun, strong coffee)

EE said...

You are very much on the way to getting hooked pag hinahanap mo sya. Ang marihap pag lagi kang nasa caffeine rush eh pag nawala na yung effect ng caffeine. Biglang bagsak and katawan mo tapos kelangan na naman ng coffee intake.